Friday, December 15, 2017

Beat the Backlist 2018

I'm joining this challenge the coming year. It's all about beating the backlist! Which means: read books prior to the year we're in. As of January 1st, that means all books from 2017 and earlier goes. You can find information on this challenge here.

I was sorted into this lovely group, which will win everything of course! We are the purple NovelKnights! (I was hoping for the green DeweyDragons, because Dewey (!) and dragons(!!), but it's okay, we will rock anyway!)

I have pledged to read 36 books in this challenge next year. All out of my own ever growing collection. That will make a nice dent in my TBR. I'll make a page with everything I read for this challenge later.

We even have our own group chat on Twitter, and a chat going on Goodreads. This will be a social and fun yearlong event!

Will you join my team? Or maybe you will try your luck for the DeweyDragons? Go sign up why don't you!



  1. I'm doing Beat the Backlist, too! AND we're on the same team! How cool is that?

    1. Yay! We need to beat both the backlist and the other teams! Go Novel Knights!


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