Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New releases

One thing I'll be doing in 2018 is trying to keep updated on new YA releases. 


This means reading other blogs and hopefully find some book related news sites, or maybe even Youtube channels or podcasts talking about the best new releases in YA. Do you know any good ones I should start following? I need suggestions, as I'm drawing a blank on this...

Another way to accomplish this will be setting aside some money each month to pre-order some new releases. Yes, this means I will get my permission to order new books. This sounds like a great thing! Hah! I'm already almost sure which titles I will pre-order for January, but please, if you have suggestions - let me know in the comments below!

I have decided to allow myself to buy two books a month for this "project", plus continue my subscription for OwlCrate of course. This means three brand new releases each month. I should be able to cover the most important books like this. And of course I will read them and post a review ASAP.

January's most anticipated new releases.

What are your most anticipated new releases for January?


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