Monday, January 29, 2018

#24in48: read

I did it! I did it! 24 hours reading in the past 45 hours. I've been so tired most of the time, I never thought I'd make it. But I did, and it feels great and now I'm going to go to sleep for hours and hours and hours.

24 hours of reading.
I finished almost all of my TBR. The last book, Zenith, was not supposed to be on this TBR list but I didn't get the book I planned on including in the mail so I had to do some changes. Zenith was way too hard to read in a readathon,, but I did get started on it, I read 111 pages of it. Instead of continuing Zenith I started a Norwegian YA crime/thriller called Killerinstinkt, which was so much easier to read and kept me awake the last couple of hours.

It's been a lot of fun, even though I've been too tired. Unfortunately being tired means I eat to stay awake, so I've been so full so many times these two days - and not on the healthy type of food, no, no chips and chocolate. Oh well, will be healthy as a bunny tomorrow - all vegetables. (Yeah, who am I kidding?).

Going to bed now will feel soooo good, you have no idea! 

Books read:

  • Maggie Stiefvater: All the Crooked Saints
  • Claire Kann: Let's Talk About Love
  • Vampire Knight 16
  • Vampire Knight 17 
  • Archie vol. 1
  • Moonshine vol. 1
  • Nemi bok 13

Total pages read this readathon: 1347
Books read: 7

Good night to you all, hope you had a fun readathon if you participated!



  1. Congratulations at beating this challenge into the ground! I could never do this as I cannot keep focused onto one thing for longer than 20 minutes. I am like a dog. If anyone says "squirrel" or "food," I take off running in that direction. I am a dog of steel! Anyway, good job at reading!


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