Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Jennifer Niven: Holding Up the Universe

I'm so slow at reading the books I buy or get as presents. This was a Christmas gift I got in 2016. Yeah, about time I read it! Thank you my sweetest boyfriend for getting me this!

Holding Up the Universe is about Libby - (previously) America's fattest teen, and Jack - the cool kid who can't remember faces. When Libby starts school again after being home schooled a few years, she becomes the big laugh at school and the victim of a cruel game. Jack, trying his best to fit in and not let anyone know about his handicap, turns out to be the cruelest of them all. But these two misfits gets to know each other and turns to each other for help.

This. Was. So. Sad. And. So. Good! Yes. Just read it!

Some might find this book to be a bit over the top? Maybe? Because of the "America's fattest teen storyline - she actually gets stuck in bed until the rescuers have to tear down part of her house to get her out - you know the story from television. There is a lot of fat-shaming going on, but that is actually how reality is, and that's kinda why Niven has written this book. But it's told in a really great way, and she actually gets better and the way Niven has described her she's a person, not just America's fattest teen. She's a really cool girl, with hopes and dreams and the motivation and stubbornness to go for it.

Jack is good on the inside, but in order to hide his shortcomings he acts out and becomes this shithead to be "one of the guys". It was really interesting to read about prosopagnosia (face blindness)  and learning more about this disability. I've never really given it any thought, and now I know more about it, which is great!

The main storyline is pretty simple, and as mentioned maybe a bit over the top, but it gives the characters room to grow and shine. I read this book in one day, because I couldn't put it down.

Discuss this book with me in the comments if you have read it!


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