Friday, February 23, 2018

February blog fail

It's been a while since last blog post. And I was supposed to get better at this, and update my reading progress weekly. Well, this happens. Right?

I didn't plan this reading month well enough, and have been lagging behind on my TBR all month. This was due to planning my TBR before I knew what readathons I would be joining, and then adding readathon reads on top of that. And well, after my all-read-January my boyfriend has demanded some fun-time too. Because of this, I've had to decide between reading and trying to catch up on my TBR - or blogging. I thought I could catch up on reading and then blog, but I'm still way behind.

So, what I'll do is: make blog posts back in time, making the weekly reading posts and hopefully some reviews long due. And then I'll get back to reading and hopefully get back to updating my blog regularly.

It's not easy juggling between reading and blogging - knowing when to do what.

How have you been? Done anything exciting recently? Let me know in the comments!


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