Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 6 and #AYearAThon: Read

So, six whole days of headaches is really not fun. First three days of I'm-not-sleeping-well headache. This was manageable. Just a slight headache. I was functioning. But then, three days of migraines following that? I slept through these three days! Bad bad head!

I was supposed to read a whole lot on Monday and Tuesday, but headache told me not to. Especially on Tuesday was a stop-the-reading kinda day from my head - the headache decided to sit right behind my left eye and throb when I tried focusing my eyes on the words.

February TBR status.

This week was the February #AYearAThon. The theme was "New to you authors" which is the easiest challenge ever. I could pick anything almost, as there are so many new to me authors. So this time I could just go on reading my TBR.

A lot of the reading time this week was spent reading a Norwegian adult novel which I really loved, called De Usynlige, but I was reading it so slowly I had to take a break from it and read something easy. I chose American Panda for this purpose, and that was a quick and enjoyable read! I had to hurry the reading of American Panda because I wanted to lend it to a friend I was meeting for cinema on Sunday, and I barely made it in time. Sunday night I started a new book, Three Dark Crowns - and I'm hooked already!

Books read:
  • Tor Arve Røssland: Glimt
  • Gloria Chao: American Panda
Total pages read this week: 617
Books read: 2

Have you read any 2018 releases yet? What's your favorite so far?


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